how to loose weight quickly without yo-yo effect! 15 Tips inside

15 Tips For Rapid Fat-Loss for life

1) Protein Satisfies Your Hunger Craving: The best way to suppress your hunger is by eating
more protein. High protein foods are not only fairly low in calories, but they are also effective at
keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time.
2) Fiber Makes You Thin: If you want to lose weight, you must eat fiber! You should consume 30
-50 grams of fiber per day. Fiber is also a great way to suppress your hunger and keep you full
longer. It’s plays a vital part in keeping your digestive system healthy as well. If you’re not getting
enough fiber from all the vegetables and fruits, you can use fiber supplements to meet your daily
3) Keep Your Meals Simple: Pick three or four of your favorite healthy meals and repeat them until
you get tired of them and then switch it up. The most successful dieters eat the same few meals
over and over again.
4) Make Better Choices When Eating Out: If you eat out, keep in mind that almost all restaurants
can give you a salad or vegetables in place of chips or potatoes. Remember, consuming
refined carbs is a sure way to halt your weight loss. You can enjoy eating out, just watch your
refined carb intake.
5) Avoid Emotional Eating: If you know that you are an emotional eater, when you feel hungry drink
a large glass of water first and wait 5 minutes. Often your hunger will subside if it’s triggered
by emotion and not your stomach. If you’re still hungry afterwards, then you can eat.
6) Eat Slow: Take your time eating. Chew well and really enjoy the food. If you’re still hungry after
finishing your meal, wait 20 minutes. That’s about how long it takes before your stomach can tell
your brain that you’ve eaten. You’ll be surprised at how satisfied you feel after waiting a little bit.
Keep in mind that your goal is to feel satisfied and not full after each meal.
7) Take a Fiber Supplement To Avoid Late Night Snacking: Drinking a glass of water with a fibre
supplement will fill you up and keep you full, so you don’t indulge in any late night snacking that
can ruin your hard earned body!
8) Make Shopping List: Be prepared and buy only food from the list! Do you shopping weekly with just few things like salad and some veg and fruits to replenish your stock within the week with fresh ones. Don’t shop when you hungry as this will make you buy food you should avoid. Know you shop and avoid isles that are mostly jam-packed with processed and refined foods so steer clear! Follow simply role: if it’s not on the list don’t buy it.
9) If It Comes In a Box, Don’t Buy It: Generally speaking, most foods that come in a box are likely
loaded with preservatives and are full of refined carbs (e.g. wheat flour, barley flour,
etc…) as you will see on their labels. Remember, the healthiest foods don’t have labels!
10) Always Be Prepared: There are going to be times where you get hungry and aren’t able to find
a healthy meal. Keep a small snack on hand at all times for these situations. For example, carry
a small bag of nuts and some fresh vegetables or fruits.
11) Stay Away From High-Calorie “Health” Bars: Most so-called health bars are sugar-loaded and
should be classified as overpriced glorified junk-food!
12) Don’t Have An “All or Nothing” Attitude: Its unrealistic to think that you’re going to eat well
100% of the time, so don’t punish yourself. If you can eat well 90% of the time, you’ll have great
13) Shop, Stock Up & Prepare Food For The Week: Pick one day a week to shop and prepare as
much food as possible for the upcoming week. Wash all fruits and vegetables and store them in
an air tight containers so you have easy access to them anytime you’re hungry. Pre-cook enough
proteins (fish, seafood, poultry) and freeze them so they’ll be ready for any meal.
14) Keep a Food Diary: Most people grossly underestimate how much they eat. In the beginning,
its really important that you keep track of your daily intake of calories, protein, fat, and carbs so
you know whether or not you’re staying on target. Overtime, you’ll become accustom to your
needs and won’t need to keep a log.
15) Clean Out The Cupboards & Fridge: Get rid of the bad stuff! Having junk food around the
house will only make temptations worse and is a recipe for failure. Leave yourself no choice but
to eat healthy, nutritious food!

You can start with project 10Challenge where you are offered two proteins meal with vitamins and minerals so that it is easier to plan one healthy meal a day and slowly extend to three healthy meals with healthy snacks!
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“The Challenge Brought Us Closer as a Famil

Challenge Champions Ken & Jennifer Smith: “The Challenge Brought Us Closer as a Family”

Meet Ken and Jennifer Smith.

They didn’t have time to get healthy. They were, well, busy. Jennifer was focused on raising their three children. Ken, a police officer, was daily fighting crime. But then a photo posted on Facebook changed everything.

“I had gained 80 pounds after my kids were born, but I didn’t really recognize that until I literally saw it on a picture on Facebook,” says Jennifer. “I thought, ‘holy moly…I am fat!’” And so she instantly decided to start The Challenge.

Ken, on the other hand, needed more convincing to start his own weight-loss journey. “I realized that when I tried to run a race and struggled to get up the mountain, I needed to transform my life,” says Ken.

In the next 90 days, he lost 30 lbs.

Today, a healthier, more energetic Ken and Jennifer run together.

“It’s brought us closer,” says Jennifer. “We’re in the gym every day, and it’s exciting to see our children follow in our footsteps and make healthy decisions.”

Their transformations led to a defining moment for the couple on the national Vitality event stage. They were crowned Vi Challenge Champions in the Couple Active/Fitness category.

“I was totally in shock when they announced our names,” says Jennifer. “I mean, I was just happy I was there, and I was prepared for somebody else to win and to cheer them on. When they said our names, I almost jumped through the roof!”

The couple’s ‘Why’ motivates them.

“My ‘Why’ is my kids, my wife, and my job,” says Ken. “As a police officer, I need to be in top physical shape. How can I protect others if I can’t protect myself? I want to be an example to the community.”

Jennifer’s ‘Why’ is her family.

“There are days when I don’t want to go to the gym,” she says. “But, my kids know that I need to be there and give me a hard time if I don’t go—my 6-yr-old child keeps me in check. Ken is my #1 cheerleader, and I am his backbone. We are a tough-love family. We all drive each other. And I feel I’m a better mom because of it.”

The couple plans to do more mud races together and to continue living healthy lifestyles.

In the meantime, Jennifer can perfectly sum up their Challenge success story…

“We were the stereotypical American family: stressed mother and fulltime working father. We didn’t have quality time for family and health. But, The Challenge brought us closer together; it literally transformed our relationship. It’s that stronger family bond that has increased our well-being and happiness, and now we’re able to challenge and help others.”

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Vi model competition for 2015 is open now!

Another Vi challenge story!

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Female Weight Loss Category


My Challenge Story
I was introduced to the project 10 challenge after having my second baby. I had put on a lot of weight and was horrified! I started at 12.4! And was a big size 14. I knew I had to do something. On my challenge I lost 2.5 stone I felt amazing!! I am now a size 8! And now on my 5th challenge, I have gone on to lose another 12lbs!! Total of 47lbs!! AMAZING!! And have managed to maintain my weight ever since, I love how vi makes me feel, I finally have my confidence back and feel great! Please vote for me to become the next vi weight loss champion. So I can walk on that stage in Birmingham and share my story 😃. I am now a promoter, and love the fact that I can now help other people reach their goals just like I did. Love my vi life ! Please please please vote for me.


Vi model competition for 2015 is open now!

£ 3,000 CASH PRIZE

Male Active Fitness Category
Regional Director – Frimley, SRY


My Challenge Story
ok having always done serious cardio all my life competing in ironman triathlons and endurance events I decided to push my comfort zone and try gaining some lean muscle which totally changed the type of exercise and recovery phases from what I was used to.
From lifting heavy weights to learning what DOMS ( delayed onset muscle soreness) really felt like this pushed me but I did enjoy it, and now I use a new concept speedflex which will help me get lean muscle and develop more gains in my next challenge……coming soon!!!

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World Record !!!! Done👍

ViSalus Sets Official World Record for World’s Largest Simultaneous Group Workout with 15,180 Participants and 2,180 Groups; Raises 455,400 Meals for Children

ViSalus Follow

Vi Community Kicks Off New Year’s Health Resolutions and Raises Nutritional Awareness Worldwide

Los Angeles, CA – February 3, 2015 – ViSalus, a global healthy lifestyle company, launched the New Year with a new all-time health resolutions record to get the world moving as part of the World’s Largest Simultaneous Group Workout. The World Record Academy recently recognized and confirmed that ViSalus has officially set the World Record for the World’s Largest Simultaneous Group Workout. On Saturday, January 3, 2015, a documented 15,180 participants took part in 2,180 Challenge Groups across 11 countries mobilized to be part of this record-breaking event. This raised awareness for ViSalus’ global mission of transforming Life, Health and Prosperity and culminated in 455,440 meals to children through the company’s PROJECT 10™ Kids charity program.

People of all ages and activity levels joined Challenge Group workouts across the United States and Canada, and in European countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Spain for a fun fitness activity (everything from walking and hiking, to boot camps and dancing) on the same day, same time (12:00 pm across all time zones). The event showed how achieving health and fitness goals can be accomplished anywhere, for any age, doing any activity.

“Having helped over 3 million people lose weight on our Challenge platform, we’ve learned that people will focus on transforming their physical health if they’re motivated, supported and having fun,” said Blake Mallen, Vi Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. He continued, “That’s why we innovated the Challenge Groups concept. And in traditional Vi fashion, we like to go big, so we challenged ourselves to launch it in a way that made a splash.”

Another goal in addition to setting a World Record was to raise nutritional awareness for children so they could begin their own journey to a healthier lifestyle. For every person who participated in the event, ViSalus donated 30 kids meals through their PROJECT 10 Kids charity program, which enabled the Vi Community to donate 455,400 meals to children.

“If you look at all the press and social buzz this event generated, you’ll see thousands of participants who were thrilled to be helping children become healthier,” said Ryan Blair, Vi Co-Founder and CEO. “What we achieved with the World’s Largest Simultaneous Group Workout is just the beginning of our bold moves for 2015. Our goal at ViSalus is to take The Challenge to even more cities and countries so that people can create healthy living lifestyles for generations to come.”

To set the record, group organizers documented the totals by collecting participant signatures and videos; the official world record has now been confirmed by the World Record Academy.

See highlights from thousands of events by watching the World’s Largest Simultaneous Group Workout video.

The event was a platform for ViSalus’ January launch of Challenge Groups, which is a fun and simple way for members of the Vi Community to connect and support each other towards reaching their Challenge goals. Learn more at

About ViSalus

ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle company committed to transforming life, health and prosperity around the world by creating meaningful connections, supporting physical transformations, and promoting entrepreneurial freedom. Through their flagship program, The Challenge, ViSalus has developed a leading platform for achieving weight-loss and fitness results. Founded in 2005, ViSalus develops innovative weight-management products and nutritional supplements that it markets and sells direct-to-consumers through an international sales force of independent Promoters. ViSalus offers its products in North America under the ViSalus® brand and in Europe under the Vi™ brand. ViSalus is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with offices in Los Angeles and throughout Europe. For more information about ViSalus, visit and follow the Vi-Community on Facebook ( and Twitter (@ViSalus).

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Beata Korzeniowska

Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert


Vi model competition for 2015 is open now!

Yes it is the time again where thousands of people around the world compete in Vi champion competition!
There are many categories you can compete after your 90 days challenge and win £3000;)))
Female weight loss
Male weight loss
Female active fitness
Male active fitness
Female Vi model
Male vi model

See Gabir Mocsan and read his Challenge Story

Hi All,

When I took the challenge, I was a hairy guy. I shaved it off so I can see the progress. That was when it hit me! I looked into the mirror and I could not believe how average I looked.

I knew I had some extra on me to loose, but this was a shock. That was the moment when I decided that I don’t ever want to see this average guy in the mirror again, whatever it takes I get that 6 pack and myself into shape!

I digged up my P90X2 DVDs, after 3 weeks I started to see results. I was doing it every day beside full time job. I switched from P9X2 on day 70 to Insanity. I done the full 60 days workout with great results from my Shape Kit.

My dream is to become the ViModell for Ireland, to be on the front cover of the ViSalus Challenge Magazine and I keep going ever day till I get there! You can see on my FB page what I do to achieve that.

Now I’m asking your help to make my dream real and vote for me on Sunday to become ViModel for Ireland.

I thank you for your help and support!


Getting in shape has little to do with losing weight.
I find that people focus too much on it.

Body weight represents the weight of your total bodily content which is mainly composed of water, muscle and fat.

And when you lose weight, it’s always a mixture of some water, muscle and fat. In the beginning, your weight loss is usually mostly from water since it’s the easiest and quickest weight to shed, but as you progressively keep losing more weight the ratio of water, muscle and fat mixture starts to change…and believe it or not in many cases the ratio shifts towards more water and muscle and not as much fat.
And that’s because when you’re focused on losing weight only…you tend to do things that’s more conducive to losing muscle weight rather than fat.

You see fat is inherently “stubborn”, it doesn’t like to give itself up for energy unless it’s absolutely necessary. For instance, dire survival situations where there’s lack of food and the only way you can survive is by using fat for energy. Fat usually only comes into play when all other sources of energy are depleted.

So that means when you participate in a typical “calorie burning” cardio based exercise that requires large amounts of energy for 1 – 2 hours… typically this is what happens. First, your body uses glucose/glycogen for energy, then it turns to muscle for energy because it’s more readily available to provide energy than fat. Finally when glycogen and muscle are both being utilized, your body reluctantly turns to fat as the last source of energy.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a clean, step by step process, there’s overlap and in reality your body uses a mixture of all energy sources at one time. BUT what’s important to keep in mind, is that fat provides the least amount of energy during a typical “calorie burning” exercise like running, biking or even aerobics that lasts for 1 – 2 hours.

So what’s the big deal…I mean you’re still losing weight which is ultimately your end goal…right?

Well, not quite. See, although muscle weighs more than fat, it’s also more metabolically active than fat which means it burns more calories. AND guess where those calories come from? You guessed it…FAT! Having lean muscle allows you to burn off unwanted stubborn fat, which is what’s ultimately going to get you that lean, toned and tight body.

So you see…weight loss isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, weight loss is usually par for the course when you get lean and fit, but it’s only one aspect. I think a much better gauge for getting lean, fit and healthy is your body measurements and improvement of overall strength and endurance. And the best method to build lean muscle while increasing overall fitness level is using full body exercises. Full body exercise involves the use of multiple large muscle groups – preferably involving both your lower body and upper body at the same time. The more muscles that are involved in the exercise the better.

Over exercising…especially doing long cardio activities, will make you weak, tired and keep you fat. It’s the best way to “lose weight” without getting leaner or more fit while retaining most of your stubborn fat. Even worse, you’ll be setting yourself up for a vicious cycle of on again off again weight loss. You see, once you lose lean muscle, your metabolism will naturally slow down…no matter how much you exercise. Then you’ll likely revert to cutting calories or going on extreme diets to keep trying to losing weight, until you get so frustrated from not seeing any weight loss, that you quit.

So instead of focusing on weight loss, shift your attention to these 3 key factors, so you can make your journey to a healthier, leaner and fitter body a successful one.

#1 Focus on keeping your lean muscle mass by lifting weights using full body exercises. The more lean muscle means higher metabolism…and that ultimately equals more fat loss… not water and muscle loss. So don’t concern yourself too much with body weight since it’s not representative of what kind of progress you’re actually making.

#2 Take measurements of your body. This is a much more accurate way to keep track of your progress. Although muscle weighs more than fat, it also takes up less space than fat. Therefore burning off fat and replacing it with lean muscle mass will reduce the overall size of your body. NOTE: For men, getting lean and fit may mean reduce overall size BUT not in appearance. Losing fat and gaining lean muscle will make you look more defined and muscular. And the same goes for women as well. Building lean muscle by lifting challenging weights won’t make you look bulky or manly…rather you’ll end up getting tight, trimmed and toned

#3 Focus on improving your strength and endurance rather than just your weight. By gaining strength and building more stamina, you’ll have more energy and be fit enough to partake in any activities so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

Keeping your focus on these 3 key factors will help you make consistent progress to get leaner and more fit, while avoiding the most common traps and pitfalls of overexercising and chronic dieting.


How to fight diabetes, obesity, stress…!!! Highly recommended!!!

There are so many documentaries about healthy food. This is one of my favourites 😉
It’s about self-healing and how we can help our body to fight any diseases!

It’s MUST watch with whole family !!!

Row Food Documentary.

Highly recommended for those who look for health and longevity

Before and after pictures!

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